Living Your Legacy

At our General Meeting on June 25th, 2015, we had the pleasure of having Danny Stone as one of our keynote speakers. He spoke about the concept of Legacy and what it means to live it.

Legacy is passing on teaching, learning, and/or making contributions to family, friends, your community, or society when you leave this earth. The impact that you make on others that are passed on when you die.  – Danny Stone

Don’t wait until the end to think about your legacy, the end of your career or the end of your life. At that point it is too late to create the impact that you want.

You are living your legacy right now. You are creating an impact on your family, friends, community and society, you must be conscious of the impact that you are making and the impact that you want to make.

5 Reasons People Don’t Think or Talk About Their Legacy

  1. Taught not to brag
  2. Parents never talked about it
  3. Legacy = death, we don’t like to talk about death
  4. Schools never taught us
  5. As adults, no one around us talks about it

We were taught values, beliefs, and behaviours. Values, beliefs, and behaviours build Legacy

No legacy is so rich as honestyWilliam Shakespeare

Be honest with yourself; admit that you care about your legacy, your impact on the world.

Legacy extends to all areas of your life, family, friends, career, health and wellness, finances, personal development, and community involvement.

6 Things You Can Do To Live Your Legacy Right Now

  1. Think about the impact you are making and want to make
  2. Write it down, see it, work towards it
  3. I.P. Values in Passion and Purpose. Live your values, play to your passions, find your purpose
  4. Goals, dreams, vision boards. Write down your goals and do something everyday. Acknowledge that dreams can become reality if you believe, use vision boards and images
  5. Time Out. Meditate and take time to clear your mind. As little as 5 minutes a day
  6. Giving back. Community involvement

Stop negative thinking, stop thinking you cannot achieve your goals and dreams, start believing you can live a better life, walk in the direction of your goals and dreams. You build a strong legacy when you adopt a positive mindset.


Danny Stone is an Author, Speaker, Life Transformation Coach, and Business Owner

You Have the Keys, Now Drive book and e-book copy on Amazon

Contact Danny for coaching, speaking or books at

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Twitter: iamdannystone
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