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CAUFP is committed to inspiring and developing today’s leaders. As such, we have developed a professional development program for you to enhance your career at all stages. We intend to help you:

  • Enhance their professional effectiveness
  • Obtain information for career planning
  • Maintain and/or increase marketability
  • Increase their ability to cope with career challenges and perform effective self evaluation
  • Acquire the tools required to increase networking effectiveness


We periodically provide workshops to provide information on specific careers or educational development. Some of our past sessions have included: What Next? MBA, CFA, M.Fin; Entrepreneurial Workshops; Interview & Resume Preparation; Working With Recruiters.


The CAUFP mentoring series gives our members acces to the experience, wisdom and insights of our esteemed senior professionals. We offer both group mentoring sessions, where mentors share their experiences and insights and answer questions pertaining to a specific profession or general career strategy, as well as a 1-on-1 mentoring program that provides for a more direct involvement between mentors and mentees.